No More Landfill

It has to start somewhere, so let’s start here. When your mats reach end of life let us know. We will take them back and recycle them for a variety of purposes. We are on the path to carbon neutral. Join us and let’s help make things better for our kids.

When you are ready to replace your mats, place an order with us for your new mats and we will handle the disposal of your old mats. They will be sent to recycling and follow this process:

Getting Sorted
The rubber is sorted and organised depending on their type.

The Break Down
Once sorted, the rubber is cut up into small pieces by heavy machinery. The rubber then travel into a main system where their components: Synthetic Fibre, Steel and Rubber are separated.

The rubber component is then further broken down into the specific granule sizes that include; 0-1mm, 1-3mm and 8-15mm.

In The Bag
All the separated components are then bagged and ready to be used in new products. The end? No, a new beginning.

New Life
The revolutionary system extracts the rubber, steel and synthetics so they can be reused in road surfaces, driveways, sports mats, equestrian surfaces, acoustic mats, playground surfaces and a whole lot more.

Back To The Source
A wide range of the rubber used in our mats originate in Sri Lankan rubber plantations. The trees are grown, carefully nurtured for quality, then tapped and rubber & latex is produced from the ‘milk’. From this, the company make latex pillows, mattresses and of course our rubber mats which also includes 20% recycled rubber content. This is a great benefit for the environment as the trees ingest the Carbon Dioxide in the air and continually supply their “milk” while creating oxygen. All our rubber mats are fully recyclable.

To have your end of life mat recycled please contact us.

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